Idris Hayward, Jamie Miller, Kaustubh Deshpande, Russell Cross, Shiwoni Dona, Sumi Lee

Graduate Programme Wales & MSc Cybsecurity

Data Science X Cybersecurity Hackathon - 2023

Jake McNeill

BSc Computer Science

An Introduction to CTFs - 2022

Toby Jackson

MSc Cybersecurity and Technology

Waikato X Cardiff University Challenge - 2022
Hack The Box X Cardiff University CTF - 2022

Yogha Pramadi, Obrina Briliyant, Muhammad Setiadji, Dhruvil Raval

PhD Cybersecurity

Capture The Flag Cybersecurity Event by Airbus - 2023

Yu Cheong

BSc Computer Science

Capture The Flag (CTF) Competition - CyberFirst - 2023